Evernote, Taxes, & A Special Offer

Hello again friends.

As that lovely time of year sneaks up on us again, I wanted to re-post something I wrote last year at this time. A about a year ago, Brett Kelly and I wrote blog posts about how we did his tax return entirely via Evernote. It was a great post and was a really fantastic proof of concept. Brett’s post was better though.

This year, I wanted to take it one step further though. Because I love Evernote so much and I love having a digital workflow so much I want to offer you cash to let me do your taxes via Evernote.

That’s right. If you contact me, mention this blog post, and share an Evernote notebook with me where you have stored your tax documents  I will give you 25% your tax prep fee. In some cases, that can be as much as $250 (or more) in your pocket.

No, I am not kidding. You can save 25% on your tax prep if you let me do your taxes via Evernote. 

So check out my side of how it worked here and also from the client side.

And if you want to make your life easier and save some serious dough, email me at andrew@nchwealth.com  and we will get started.



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