About This Blog

My name is Andrew Carroll and I am a CPA, financial planner, and consultant in Fullerton, CA. I am the general manager of NCH Wealth Advisors, Inc. You can also see my “official” bio and a fancy head shot here. I work daily with individuals and small businesses on things like:

  1. Taxes
  2. Accounting
  3. Investments
  4. Insurance
  5. Wealth Building
  6. Business Management & Consulting
  7. Personal Productivity

Yes, basically anything that has to do with money.

More importantly, I focus on how to do the right things with your money. There are many places online and in the real world, where you can find out about how great it is to follow your passion, be self employed, and run your own business. And it is true, it’s a great thing.

But at some point, if you are serious, you will start making some money. And that’s when reality strikes:

What do I DO with the money?” or “Do I need to pay taxes or something?” and “How do I protect myself and my family?

And 100 other questions that all come tumbling out.

That’s where I come in. And this blog. My goal is to answer those questions  My area of expertise is the boring part. But the boring part is the most important part. And it turns out, there aren’t many people answering these questions very well, especially for the online entrepreneur and their dynamic businesses.

See, I have a very simple philosophy:

Business is Simple.

People like to over complicate things. Make it way more complicated than it needs to be. But if you understand a few basic truths, the rest falls into place fairly easily. That’s what I do, I un-complicate things. Lucky for you, I take great pleasure in teaching these truths and I can talk about business all day. Seriously. I live for that moment when just how simple business can be clicks in my client’s head.


It’s just what I do.



The Blog

I have labeled all my posts under three main headings.

  1. Individual Wealth
  2. Entrepreneur Skills
  3. Those Who Can’t Do…


Individual Wealth

These posts revolve around making better decisions about your personal net worth. Under this heading you will find a lot of advice about personal budgeting, investments, retirement accounts, insurance, etc. These posts are geared towards people who work a W-2 job as well as entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneur Skills

This section is focused on small business. If you are thinking about starting a business, you will find great start-up advice here. If you already run a small business you will find some great information on how to advance your small business objectives.


Those Who Can’t Do…

This section is dedicated to those who WANT to do. In this section you will follow me on my personal journey. Should you decide to follow this section, you will follow me through the veritable MOUNTAIN of business books, blogs, and magazines that I review daily in order to insure I make a positive difference in my business.


As mentioned briefly above, my goal is to share the most legitimate and realistic information with you. No one needs an MBA to run a business like a Fortune 500 company and my goal in these posts is to prove that to you! Thank you for reading and I welcome your feedback.